T-TOG™ is The Timing Of The Game™

We have been helping athletes boost performance by improving execution precision since 2001.


Professional athletes find their highest levels of performance with a unique conditioning regimen.

They achieve and maintain the right 'feel' of their game.

Professional team athletes move from a bench or practice role to the starting lineup.
Professional individual athletes move up their ranking.
Veteran Professional athletes surpass the execution precision of their best years and extend their productive career.


Join the ranks of mistake-free execution with our unique conditioning program.

Your coaches are your experts in the sport-specific skills, techniques, and strategies of your sport.
T-TOG™ guides you in achieving precision execution of all you have learned in your sport.


Are You Ready To Move Up?

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Our Professional Athlete Program

This program is designed to fine-tune all levels of your execution precision:

You achieve precise execution of all your skills, techniques, and strategies
You reduce random execution mistakes.
This program also provides you with dramatic improvement in your consistency, coordination, focus & concentration, balance, force, speed, accuracy, perception, reaction time, stamina, mental sharpness, and more.


With T-TOG™ your good performance stats improve and your poor performance stats reduce.

For Instance In Tennis:

Good performance stats are aces and winners and these improve.
Poor performance stats are double faults and unforced errors and these reduce.






Miguel Reyes

Miguel Reyes, Champion Amateur Golfer, Uruguay: "As a scratch golfer, working with Rodger with the T-TOG™ Training really helped my level of concentration and focus and it ended up boosting my level of coordination and execution precision. I believe the work I did in this program has the same importance as other parts of my training such as exercising in the gym, performing putting drills, or practicing on the driving range."