T-TOG™ is The Timing Of The Game

Timing Training Cases:

Hundreds of people have taken the T-TOG™ training program in the past 15 years. This has included children as young as six and adults as old as 80. The following are examples of those we have worked with, showing a variety of situations.


At least one PGA Money List star completed this kind of program, which boosted his game all the way to Number One.
An experienced NFL player, who had been let go by his team took our T-TOG™ training to improve his performance in the 2015 NFL Veterans Combine. He performed at the top of his group and one of the NFL.COM commentators who had played with him on the same team for a couple of years, said that he had never seen this player perform so well.


An MLB 3rd-baseman used our training techniques to boost his flagging batting average from around 200 to over 250, so he would be picked up in free agency. He got a 3-year deal with another team for $15 million.
A professional bull-rider suffered brain injury in a construction accident (his 'day' job). When he arrived for his first session, after 2 years of intensive rehab, he needed an Assistant to open doors for him and help him with balance. In less than a month, he was arriving for his sessions (without an Assistant) on in-line skates and a few weeks later he was arriving on his Harley.


A defensive soccer player in a club academy system in South America took this training to improve his play. As he progressed through the training he described how his speed, agility, and perception improved. He talked about being in the zone, so that he saw opponents with the ball coming into his zone moving in slow motion. He quickly learned how to take away the ball whenever any opponent with the ball entered his zone. When he turned 17, he was immediately promoted to the first team as starting right defense. After his first year as a pro, his team was elevated to the first division. Now he is the center on his team and talking about retirement after more than 10 years as a professional starter.
A lawyer/tennis player took our training to improve his focus in the office. His tennis performance improved so much that he won his country’s national tennis tournament and the prize was a trip and a Qualifying berth in the French Open at Roland Garros, in Paris.


An accountant/recreational runner took our training to improve her focus at her work. She is a recreational runner who has run 5 kilometers, three times per week, for many years. Without trying to run faster, she shaved minutes off her run with this training.
A police lieutenant had always experienced difficulty passing his annual weapons qualifications. It usually took him 3 to 4 attempts to pass the 80% threshold needed for passing. After his training with us, he passed his first attempt with a 98%.


A university student/football player in the USA was on the football team, but was unable to suit up for games, because he could not pass the playbook test and his 40-yard sprint times were too slow. After two years in this situation, he took our T-TOG™ training during his Summer vacation. When he returned to school, he passed the 40-yard sprint with flying colors. Also, he made a perfect score on the playbook test.
A California high school student/volleyball player wanted to improve her volleyball play, so she took our T-TOG™ training program. Her game improved, her team improved, and when she graduated, she received a full-ride volleyball scholarship to an Ivy League university.


A national champion amateur golfer (Champion of multiple nations), who had been away from golf for more than a decade, wanted to return to his tournament winning level. With our T-TOG™  training program, he returned and won his most recent national amateur tournaments by 4 strokes and by 3 strokes.