T-TOG™ is The Timing Of The Game

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Every athlete has performance challenges in their game, which they have difficulty overcoming. It turns out that focus and timing problems are the underlying cause of the majority of these performance challenges.

The training helped me with my focus and rhythm in several areas. I'm a dancer and also enjoy playing sports - especially tennis and golf. The increased focus has enabled me to concentrate more on the sports end. It also helps me keep better rhythm for both the dancing and sports activities. I cannot say enough about how is has helped me with what I consider important aspects of my life.
JoAnna Lands , President, Texas Signet


Focus and timing is not just about hand-eye coordination or your golf swing.
Golf Timing TrainingFocus and timing is about your concentration, accuracy, overall coordination, force, speed, consistency, confidence, balance, mental stamina, mental sharpness, perception, and many other aspects of your game. Focus and timing is all of these things, and improving them improves all of these things. Improving your focus and timing improves your game, no matter what your sport is.
If you want to take control of all these aspects of your game, you need to learn what your focus and timing challenges actually are, how they affect your game, and what you can do about them.


Rodger in park cropped

Rodger C. Bailey, MS

I'm Rodger Bailey. I've been working in the field of brain function, performance, and behavior since the late '70s. In 2001, I started specializing in researching, measuring, and improving focus and timing in individuals. I want to put you on track for having world class focus, timing, and rhythm, so you can say goodbye to any execution problems which have been affecting your game.
So, let's measure your focus and timing. The test we use is our own proprietary, one-of-a-kind test. It provides focus and timing information, which is directly translated into information you can use to recognize and understand your own performance difficulties. We measure your brain's center of focus, timing, and rhythm, which is the basis of the quality of all voluntary mechanical activity in your body. You will see for yourself, what has been affecting your performance and you will understand what you have to do to improve your timing to a world-class level.


baseballWe will take a few minutes with you, explaining and demonstrating the mechanics of the test itself. Then, we give you multiple opportunities to take the test and we take the remainder of our time exploring the details of your best test results. We talk about your game and what you can do to reduce any of your performance difficulties and improve your performance.
We have been doing this work of the testing and training of performance focus and timing since 2001. We have a statistical database of more than 10,000 test results, from the many hundreds of people who have gone through various focus and timing training programs with me. So, we have a lot of experience in understanding and translating for you the results of your test.


Our online testing and training platform: After 15 years of testing and training in our office, we am now offering our T-TOG™ Testing and Training program online via Skype. You now have the opportunity to learn about your focus and timing and improve your focus and timing from your own home or office, instead of having to travel to our offices.
Of course, the first step for you is to register for your Diagnostic Assessment Consultation. Below, you will find the link to request your assessment session with us. After your session, you will understand your focus and timing challenges and you will know what you have to do to eliminate those challenges.


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You also receive an email from our site with your login information. Then you can log into our site and go to our appointment management system to choose which date and time fits for you to have your Diagnostic assessment consultation with us.
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