is the Timing Of The Game™

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur athlete or a professional athlete, you are committed to improving the quality of your performance and the quality of your execution in your sport. And you know that your improved execution gives you higher ranking, higher rewards, and higher prestige.
We have an exclusive, private, and unique training program, which takes you to much higher levels of performance and execution without interfering with your regular training regimen. Those who complete this program consistently perform at higher levels than they thought possible, they achieve those higher rankings, higher rewards, and higher levels of prestige they really want, and they maintain these higher levels for a longer career.
If you want this for yourself, contact us now for your free Assessment and discover how much you can improve your performance, and improve the quality of your execution.


T-TOG™ Training Program Structure

Our T-TOG™ training program is organized into 3 Program Phases.


Phase 1: Startup

In this Phase, the new program participants learn the T-TOG™ exercises which start cleaning out old compensations and adaptations. These have been useful for performing your skills, but have interfered with precise timing and rhythm. Improvements in timing and rhythm are achieved, and as those compensations and adaptations are being eliminated, some skills are being recalibrated to work with the more precise overall timing and rhythm.

Phase 2: Major Improvements

In this Phase, the program participants extend the T-TOG™ exercises and start developing more refined and precise timing and rhythm. During this phase participants make advances in their skill execution precision, which will start showing up in their practice and competitions.

Phase 3: Fine Tuning

In this Phase, the program participants are performing extended T-TOG™ exercises, which fine-tunes the participant's timing and rhythm even more to insure long-term, stable execution precision.


T-TOG™ Training Programs

Each Of Our Three T-TOG™ Training Programs have those same Three Phases, but the exercises used and the training outcomes of each program are based on the scope of that program. The timing and rhythm results in all these programs insures a higher level of integration of improved skills from your sport-specific skill coaches. Thanks to your T-TOG™ Training Program, you and your skill coaches will see big improvements in your talent and performance.


Weekend Warriors Program Is No Longer Available:

This program is designed to improve timing and rhythm to the level of top club players at a friendly or amateur level. This is the level for bragging rights and personal satisfaction. As timing and rhythm improves in this program, athletes often find that they need additional skill lessons from sport-specific coaches so that their skill catches up with their new timing and rhythm capabilities.


Pre-Professional Program Is No Longer Available:

This program is designed to improve timing and rhythm to the level of the top amateurs and entry level professionals in their sport. This is the level for trophies and ribbons at the local, state, and regional semipro organizations and tournaments. This level will also show the need for further skill lessons from sport-specific coaches, because timing and rhythm improvements have erased the compensations and adaptations, which are no longer helpful.



Professional Program:

This program is designed to improve timing and rhythm to the level of players who qualify, make the cut, and get drafted into the national and international professional sports organizations or tournaments. The timing and rhythm achieved in this program will elevate performance to the point where full-time sport-specific coaches become permanent fixtures.

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